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Affiliated groups

While not official chapters of WiGIS, the organizations listed below are local, home-grown groups you may want to be a part of. We're proud to be affiliated with them. If you're in their area, please reach out!


Supporting Women in Geography and Geographic Information Systems is an Austin, Texas based group that provide women geographers with a positive and productive space as well as a supportive and engaging environment in which we mentor each other, enhance our intellectual climate, and are innovative in our strategies to promote the professional status of women in Geography and GIS.


Asian Pacific Women in GIS and Spatial Sciences and Surveying is a group dedicated to providing an online networking platform for women in the Asia Pacific Region who work in Geographic/Geospatial Information Sciences, Spatial Science and in Surveying.  The aim is to engage women and get them talking about our roles, achievements, upcoming opportunities and find ways of organizing meetings on a local level.

DC Metro Area Women in GIS

(Note: Not a public group. Must apply for membership.)

In the Washington D.C. Metro Area, women in GIS have created this group to keep in touch and advocate for women in GIS.

Washington State Women in GIS and Technology

WWGT is a networking group for women who work with geographic information systems (GIS) and technology. Their group includes GIS students and professionals across all skills levels and disciplines. They meet periodically around southeast Puget Sound to network and share ideas, industry information, experience, and advice. Everyone is encourage to join! You can also visit them at their LinkedIn group here.

Wisconsin - Women in GIS

This special interest group was created to collaborate with and encourage women in GIS and other related fields in Wisconsin. This group is open to those who would like to work in those endeavors. We invite members to share experiences, articles, noteworthy items, and inspiration on the forums.

Please visit their WordPress site here.

Other Organizations


URISA is a multi-disciplinary geospatial organization that provides professional education and training, a vibrant and connected community, advocacy for geospatial challenges and issues, and essential resources. URISA fosters excellence in GIS and engages geospatial professionals throughout their careers.

Progressive Women’s Leadership

Progressive Women’s Leadership is a resource center that empowers and supports both women and men who want to change the way women are viewed in the workplace (and beyond).

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