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We are a group of women and allies (all genders welcome) banding together for support and encouragement.

Our aim is to help women start and navigate their geospatial careers.

  Statement in Support of Black Lives Matter and Social Justice

Women in GIS stands by the call for racial equality for all, and we mourn the tragic deaths of innocent black human beings at the hands of law enforcement and others, and acknowledge the centuries of widespread systemic racial prejudice that have brought us to this moment.

Any form of discrimination is an infringement on ones’ human rights. The subjugation of any group (whether based on color, sex, gender, religion, citizenship, language, class, etc.) and ongoing inequality can only be overcome if we strive for justice and equality together. For most, this will require some hard reflection upon our own prejudices, but it is a necessary step if we are to come together.

As an organization open to ALL, we meet this moment not just by declaring our support for the Black Lives movement, but by moving forward with a deeper commitment to diversity, inclusivity and a willingness to forever evolve and change in order to be a part of the change. 

WiGIS Board of Directors Election Results!

We are proud to announce the first Official WiGIS Board of Directors:


President: Ahna Miller

Vice-President: Gabriela Guzman

Past-President: Saskia Cohick

Treasurer: Suzi Cameron

Secretary: Tia Morita


Outreach: Carmen Payne

Internal Affairs: Danielle Bram

Professional Development: Carley Fitzgerald

Interview/Spotlight: Sandra Chakra

Map Development: Heather Widlund


Women In GIS is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization  |  18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, CA 91330-8464   |

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