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Our Sponsors

Though our all-volunteer staff gets a lot done, there are some things that require monetary funds or a dedication of time and talent we can’t handle in-house. On this page, we recognize those who sponsor our efforts with account access, graphic expertise, or cold, hard cash.

Carrie Carsell

A Visual Communications and GIS Specialist for Fehr & PeersMs. Carsell dedicated her time and talent to developing our latest logo. She has put the map on us.

Center for Geospatial Science & Technology – CSU, Northridge

Providing staff and office space for our current organizer, the Center for Geospatial Science & Technology has generously allowed our volunteer staff to advocate for women in geospatial fields.

Christina Boggs-Chavira

In addition to all the time she dedicates to Women in GIS, Ms. Boggs-Chavira keeps the lights on. Next time you see her, thank her for this corner of the web!


California State University Long Beach (CSULB) Department of Geography through its Masters of Science in Geographic Information Science (MSGISci) hosts and manages the WiConnect surveys.

Digital Mapping Solutions

Donating cash and Esther Mandeno’s time, Digital Mapping Solutions has greased the wheels and topped off the gas tank when needed.


Morgan University

Through the generosity of Linda Loubert of Morgan University in Baltimore, Maryland, our Women in GIS Story Map has a home with their ESRI organizational account.


Providing fiscal sponsorship and seed funding for our non-profit formation, the Northern California chapter of URISA has generously donated their resources and expertise AND they donated significant funds.

Katherine Spiess

Thanks to Kate, we've got three snazzy banners to decorate our conference tables. Ms. Spiess is our merchandise coordinator. Feel free to donate especially for all the swag she's collecting!

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