6 Benefits of Equal Pay Protection

14 Apr 2018 9:00 AM | Anonymous

On average, U.S. women are paid 80 cents to every dollar earned by their male counterparts. A recent Equal Pay case, Rizo v. Fresno County Office of Education, has concluded with the decision that women cannot be paid less than men, regardless of previous salary. This ruling is influential in closing the gender pay gap and advocates for pay equality. In addition to enforcing salary rights for women, listed below are 6 benefits of Equal Pay protection.

Encourages Women to Pursue Careers in Male Dominated Industries

It is proven that diverse cultures and backgrounds inspire creativity and productivity. Women are more likely to pursue careers in industries that are historically male dominate, such as GIS or IT, if they are valued as equal counterparts. Empowering women in technology requires Equal Pay, but also relies on the fundamental organizational belief that diversity fosters innovation.

Promotes Skill-Based Compensation

Salary should be determined by the level of expertise that a candidate brings to the table. Compensating work based on performance, inspires employees to perform at their best while creating an atmosphere for continued credential building and learning.

Advocates for Equality in Other Disparities

Prevention of salary discrimination creates a balance for all genders, while also paving the way for equality in other forms of disparity. Equal Pay is a right to all, regardless of gender, race, age, affiliation, sexuality, or economic status.

Removes Fear of a Leave of Absence 

Professionals may be hesitant to take LOA as career gaps may be seen as a weakness. Without Equal Pay protection, a worker may reenter the workforce after a career lapse, and be paid as a "green" or "new hire." With Equal Pay, professionals will receive pay that is reflective of their skill sets - regardless of previous wage or length of time since previous wage.

Creates Opportunity for New Leaders

A great leader will seek to bring out the best in others. By compensating high performing individuals equally, organizations will attract leaders that are best suited in competency and innovation. Additionally, Equal Pay removes glass ceilings, which may result in a higher frequency of vertical career growth.

Inspires Next Generation of Tech

Teaching our future professionals that workers are valued by their individual abilities with equal opportunities for career success, encourages involvement in skill-based STEAM academics. A young woman, interested in science and technology fields, should feel confident that the investment of her time and hard work will result in future opportunities for career growth and compensation.

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